Great organizations are supported by great leaders. A top performing administrator secures and supports best practices systems and deploys organizational resources to support an environment rich in accomplishment. A great leader fosters personal and organizational growth. That person helps build a bright future for the organization!

PEER Solutions has developed ProGrow, a professional growth tool designed to promote the continuous improvement of organizational leaders. Three versions of the package are available:

This streamlined resource, based on research-supported administrative competencies, was formulated in accordance with the literature on best practices. It is linked to standards that are universally acknowledged to be necessary for the top performance of leaders within these respective fields. PEER Solutions has produced a step-by-step process, supported with tools of technology, to conduct an extensive and in-depth self-assessment, to gather stakeholder feedback, and to link that information to a plan for growth that will drive continued success.

ProGrow provides a 3-Step system designed to match a year-long work cycle. It prompts users to develop initial SMART goals, conduct an appraisal of leadership, and engage in reflective activities to generate a Professional Growth Plan. It includes a powerful survey tool to gather critically important and fully anonymous stakeholder input. The individual results of the survey, as the base of administrators within each of the three versions linked to PEER Solutions expands, will be comparable across the broad spectrum of like-administrators. Over time, these results will provide a glimpse into the longitudinal performance growth of the individuals who utilize the tool. And, for those who wish to use ProGrow for a performance review, a module is included that provides administrators and their Boards the means to efficiently complete this important task.

ProGrow is a comprehensive approach to professional development that is offered in a user-friendly fashion. The cost-effective instrument has been founded on best practices and solid research. It will provide leaders the foundation for personal performance appraisal and professional growth that will lead to better administrators and better organizations.

Key Features:

ProGrow Purchase Price: $375.00

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ProGrow-E for School Administrators

ProGrow-NP for Non Profit Leaders (Coming soon*)

ProGrow-G for Governmental Leaders (Coming soon*)