Across the nation, school principals must demonstrate high levels of competence in a host of areas embodying both the theoretical and the practical aspects of school leadership. Principals must devise and employ sophisticated systems targeted at school improvement in general and student achievement in particular. Good principals help build the future for and foster growth in their students!

It is with these goals in mind that PrinEval, a tool for evaluating principals, has been created. Tied closely to nationally recognized Core Competencies, this streamlined yet sophisticated evaluation system is designed to provide district administrators with the means to assess principal performance and to enhance professional growth. Superintendents and other district-level evaluators along with their school principals utilize a 5-Step process that has been framed around simplicity and continuous quality improvement. PrinEval’s developers bring many decades of successful experience in the education field as teachers, principals, superintendents, and professors to the product.

PrinEval is a comprehensive approach to principal evaluation that is offered in a user-friendly fashion. The cost-effective instrument has been founded on best practice and solid research. It provides school systems and school administrators the foundation for performance appraisal and professional growth that leads to better principals and better schools.

Key Features:

2017-2018 Product Purchase Price: $375.00 per principal

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