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One of the most important tasks for a governing board is to secure a key leader who is both capable of building a positive future for an organization and fostering in others a spirit of shared commitment to success. In the case of a school district, nothing may be more critical to the role of the School Board than selecting a great superintendent. The partners and associates of PEER Solutions, individually and collectively, have been involved in Executive Search more than three dozen times for school districts, nonprofits, and municipalities of varied sizes in the last six years.

Our team is exclusively comprised of former organizational leaders who have had significant, positive experience in the school, nonprofit, government, and private sectors. We understand the critical elements of leadership necessary to move organizations forward and will strive to discern your organization’s strengths and needs through extensive work with key stakeholders and members of the governing board. Our recruitment and interview process will be aligned with our understanding of your organization and will result in well-vetted, highly-qualified candidates from which your selection of a new leader can be made. Our search area generally includes the Eastern Dakotas, all of Minnesota, and Western Wisconsin. We will deliver these Executive Search services in a tightly time-bound, well-organized, and competitively-priced fashion.

Our Executive Search process includes:

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